Student Exchange



Studying at KFUPM brings many enriching experiences to students including close exposure the diverse and big chemical industries in Saudi Arabia, discover the culture of Saudi Arabia, and study in one of the highly ranked engineering universities in the middle east.


  • Ranked # 160 in QS World University Rankings 2023
  • Ranked # 46 in QS World University Rankings, Subject Category: Chemical Engineering in 2023
  • Ranked # 3 as QS Arab Region University
  • Accredited international university (ABET)
  • Distinguished faculty
  • High-tech laboratory facilities
  • Industrial Collaboration with companies e.g. Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Haliburton, Yokogawa etc.

 What We Offer? 

  • Study a semester (Fall/Spring) at KFUPM
  • Paid Internship opportunity during the summer for intensive industrial experience e.g. Saudi Aramco, SABIC etc.
  • Free tuition fee for semester at KFUPM
  • Monthly stipend
  • Free student on-campus housing
  • Free text-books
  • Free primary health care
  • Discounted meals in university cafeteria

The study at a distinguished overseas university benefits a student distinctively as he develops responsibility, initiative, and accountability. With a vision of being recognized as a leading institution with international collaboration, KFUPM started the Student Exchange Program (SEP) in the academic year 2007-2008. The SEP reflects KFUPM’s commitment to global education by supporting its students to spend one or two semesters at a partner overseas university earning redits towards their KFUPM degree program. Highly qualified students are screened out by considering their academic performance as well as English proficiency. The SEP applicants need to go through the online application process and must maintain a satisfactory academic performance to remain accepted in the program. The Office of International Cooperation (OIC) at KFUPM operates the SEP program. The majority of the students supported by the SEP successfully graduated from KFUPM and have been employed at different national and international companies in the kingdom. The Ministry of Higher Education, Saudi Aramco, and an individual has been supporting the program and hopefully, it will be maintained with more generous support.

Universities all over the world signify the importance of diversification in terms of providing a learning environment to its students such that they can be acquainted with different environments, cultures, languages, etc. A diverse faculty and an international body of students result in a comprehensive learning experience for students. By introducing one such diversification to university students, they become world-class citizens equipped with knowledge and expertise, motivated and open to ideas. That is why student exchange program among the renowned universities all over the world has been popular day by day. Under the scheme of exchange programs, students are facilitated to be exposed to a wider range of scholarly academics and to ideas drawn from a variety of life experiences. Interaction with students from different cultures and backgrounds enhances communication abilities of the students and will potentially help them to learn how to survive in a competitive environment.  In summary, it is expected that students can benefit from exchange programs by building stronger personalities. 


Students Asseel, Hadi, and Abdulrahman at Colorado