Graduate Students Webinar

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Chemical Engineering at KFUPM

Graduate Students Webinar

Join us to explore and learn about the future of Chemical Engineering at KFUPM

The Chemical Engineering Department welcomes you to the Graduate Students Webinar series. This seminars offer a tremendous opportunity for prospective students, scholars, and professionals keen to know about Chemical Engineering at KFUPM. In each of this series, we offer a comprehensive insight into the graduate student experience through an informative presentation and KFUPM Annual Magazine, covering the following key topics:

  • KFUPM History
  • Research Centres
  • Research Growth & Funding
  • Academic Departments and Colleges
  • Admission Requirements
  • Scholarship Benefits
  • Life at KFUPM

Scheduling New Webinars

We would be delighted to schedule another webinar, based on availability. Please fill out our webinar registration form to set up the webinar. You will receive an email from our department confirming the date, time and other details of webinar.

Support from CHE Department

In addition to this, we offer students and faculty from abroad, who have questions about our CHE GS program, application requirement, general inquires etc. Please email us at

Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Mohammad Mozahar Hossain

Graduate Advisor
Chemical Engineering Department
Tel: +966-13-860-2205