Teaching Lab A

Introduction to CHE 309 Laboratory Course

Discover the essence of Chemical Engineering through our hands-on CHE 309 Laboratory Course, housed in Building 1, rooms 121 and 146. This immersive course is designed to give you real-world experiences in three critical areas: Fluid Mechanics, Mass Transfer, and Heat Transfer.

Fluid Mechanics: The Flow of Understanding

Dive into the dynamic world of Fluid Mechanics, where theory meets application. Here, you'll study pressure drop behavior in gas-solid operations, get hands-on experience with Venturi and Orifice flow meters, and explore the performance characteristics of different pumps like centrifugal and gear pumps.

Mass Transfer: The Science of Mixing and Separation

The Mass Transfer Lab offers a treasure trove of fascinating experiments. Measure diffusion rates with Stefan's Evaporation setup, investigate CO2 absorption in water, and even quantify how candy dissolves in an agitated vessel.

Heat Transfer: The Core of Thermodynamics

In the Heat Transfer Lab, you'll delve into the foundational concepts of thermodynamics. Perform experiments in conduction heat transfer, combined convection and radiation, and work with complex systems like double-pipe and shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Bridging Theory and Practice

Whether you're aiming for a role in industry or eyeing a research career, CHE 309 offers a comprehensive and applied foundation. This lab course is where theoretical knowledge and real-world applications intersect, providing you with invaluable skills for your future endeavors.

Come explore, experiment, and excel with us!