Guest Visit from Dr. Jain

On September 11, 2023, KFUPM hosted a distinguished guest, Dr. Ankur Jain, a professor from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Arlington. Dr. Jain's seminar, titled "Thermal Transport Phenomena in Electrochemical Energy Storage & Conversion," was held at Bldg.# 04, Auditorium 125, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

The seminar delved into the intricacies of thermal transport phenomena, particularly as they relate to electrochemical energy storage and conversion. Given the increasing global emphasis on sustainable energy solutions, understanding these phenomena is crucial for advancements in energy storage systems.

Faculty members and students were urged to attend the seminar, emphasizing the importance of such interdisciplinary interactions in academia. Attendees were also provided with an opportunity to register for the seminar online, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.

The event underscored KFUPM's commitment to fostering academic excellence and promoting collaborative research endeavors.